Monday, June 5, 2017

Dear Love

Calm always seems to find you when you let yourself time for contemplative prayer. I know you feel like an outsider when it comes to church communities. You are a special snowflake, but the truth is, everyone is, especially those who are true to themselves, and you don't have to be any different than your true self to fit into a church community or find yourself truly an Orthodox Christian.

You are taking on some really huge life hurdles and tasks right now, but you are doing them out of love. You are brave and strong. I believe in you. Remember to not doubt your abilities and your worthiness to find true love. You have found a beautiful gift of a treasure in your life right now. Do what you can to make it blossom but if it is time for it's petals to fall, do not despair. Turn to God because he has a plan for you.

I know you live in a world full of people who are of different faiths and religions. It can be confusing and hard to find your way, but don't turn to others to find yourself and what you believe. Look inward, instead. Your new goals are so huge, they feel impossible, but you have love on your side. You may learn something huge and new about yourself, and you may grow so immensely with your partner.

Take the time to breathe. Take in each moment. Remember that you are enough, that your breath is enough, and you have enough. God has given you enough and he will continue to give you enough as long as you put your trust and hope in Him.

When you are feeling skeptical, desperate, impatient or sad, turn to the Lord and ask for his help. He wants us to turn to Him because he wants to give us the peace we seek. He will work things out and help to soften your heart. The way to peace is to let go of control and fear and let it find its way to you.

When you feel that hope for the future is feeble and impossible, pray and call upon St. Xenia to pray for you. She will ask God to intercede for you and your future that you will have your needs of a partner provided to you.

Be patient, love, because God has true love and peace planned for you. When your faith dwindles, let yourself sit and meditate on the Holy Spirit and the reason you always continue to believe, even when you aren't sure of life or yourself. Let that reason ground you and grow.

Christ is Risen!