Sunday, April 23, 2017

Once Upon a Time I offended an older generation woman by talking about my menstrual cycle publicly on Facebook

Today my menstrual is cup was one million times easier, cleaner, more sustainable and comfortable than any other collection method. I want to shout it out to all the world!
# advocate

Now, about my title;
I understand that some people come from older generations and have different, more conservative views about things like menstrual cycles, however talking about my menstrual cycle is not the same as talking about my sex life. A menstrual cycle is something that 50% of the human population in the world biologically experience as a normal part of everyday life (not to mention the females of other species).
However, a sex life is very personal, intimate and special across many cultures.

I understand if someone was offended or uncomfortable because I spoke out about my sex life. Speaking out about menstruation, however, I don't believe is done enough.

There is no excuse to be ashamed or try to hide things about menstruation. We need education and communication. Not perpetuation of making a natural bodily function taboo. Why was it taboo in the first place? Mis-information, Misunderstandings, and sexism.

Continuing this endless cycle will only make things worse for women across the globe and for nature and our environment and the planet we live in, not better.

That is why I believe it has to be broken by brave young progressive feminists like me, or really, any brave young soul who wants to see positive change for women and respect for their natural state in our society and culture. #advocate for education and female pride in our natural states!

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