Saturday, February 18, 2017

On The Topic of The Political Climate and Facebook

When somebody says they aren't political or they don't do politics,  I get it,  I understand,  but I also don't.  It is true that you have to pick your battles and some people just don't care to put energy into things like politics.  That's fair.  I appreciate that and even somewhat envy the ability for people to truly pick their battles and allocate their energy well.  However,  there is something to be said about the importance of being able to have discourse.  People are afraid of fighting,  of confrontation, of being wrong,  losing friends,  being singled-out or looking like a fool.  That is very understandable.  To be true,  being honest and open about your beliefs takes a lot of courage and to be fair,  most of us don't have all that much knowledge on all of these topics that people are discussing. I understand the feeling of not wanting to engage in conversation about things that I don't feel well equipped to discuss.  So,  not everyone has good evidence or things to back up their arguments. I still think everyone's opinions are valid and things can and should be discussed with others.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak out about what you believe.  No matter what,  you will never fully understand everything in the world that you want to understand, but having the bravery speak up and speak out for people or things you believe in anyway is something that I think is extremely important.

I am someone who tends to be very opinionated and passionate about things.  I tell people how it is and how I see it.  I don't believe in sugar-coating.  But I also don't hold grudges or hold things personally to myself. I love people.  No matter how messed up they are or where they went wrong or confused,  I genuinely love and care about people and I tend to be someone who gives second and third and fourth chances. I like forgiveness and I value having friends from all different backgrounds with all different beliefs.  I understand that there is no such thing as a perfect person.  I have issues too.  We all have issues with pride and bias. That is an important thing to acknowledge.

I don't feel bad or guilty or the need to censor myself.  If I say something that offends you,  it is not a personal attack.  If I say something you disagree with,  I would like to hear why you disagree.  If I say something rude,  please forgive me,  but don't be afraid to engage in conversation with me. 

Let me repeat.  I don't hold grudges.  It's a waste of my time and energy.

I think people have a problem with making their opinions their identity.  It's not. There's a reason I posted a post on Facebook recently that a women divorced her husband for voting for Trump. The truth is,  that our opinions, and political for example, show something about us and our morals and values.  I appreciated that post because when someone votes for a candidate,  they are making a statement that they can over-look the faults of that person for the greater good.  When someone's faults are raping women and spreading a sexist culture,  I think that's a pretty clear line of something that should not be over-looked. Being a person who can over-look something like that tells you something about their character. Either they aren't really taking it seriously or genuinely thinking about the facts of what kind of person that candidate or political representative is,  or they are thinking that whatever political agenda that candidate has will be worth the occasional rape or spread of rape culture,  or they genuinely don't believe those evil  things that candidate does and says to be true. 
(oh btw,  I am talking about Trump)

I am not going to hate you as a person if you voted for said candidate.  I am not going to judge your soul as some horrible person. Good people do bad things or make bad decisions and vice versa. Clearly something is going on in your head that I am not experiencing,  nor can I fathom.  And that's okay.  I can still live with it and care about you as a person.  Respecting you as a person does not entail me to respect your decisions or beliefs.  If I tell you your beliefs are fucked up,  suck it up.  That's not a personal attack on you,  nor a personal threat.  That is a statement against your beliefs or decisions. 

Please stop perpetuating this idea that it is wrong to speak out about what you believe in.  I personally value people who have the courage and passion to speak out about what they believe in because it means they are willing to get a response and reaction from others and expect that most of them may not be in favor.  That is okay.  I don't care. And don't complain about people who speak out because they aren't threatening you.  They are helping to start conversations that need to be started in order to create growth and change. 

Thank you

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