Monday, December 19, 2016

Feminism and Double Standards in society

Now,  women of the new generation have been protesting bras and as someone who goes to a liberal college, there is just a lot of new movements and conversations about awareness and inclusiveness of different cultures in our society.  Amongst the feminists and vegans and hippies of all kinds,  there are fanatics and those who are more mild or exclusive about the battles they choose to fight.  In most of these things,  I haven't gotten very involved.  At least not more than mentally. Going to Western has greatly shaped my identity. 

One thing that stands out in particular to me is how women who don't shave are considered unkempt and gross in our culture.  We idolize a sleek,  smooth,  hairless women and that makes me sad. I think it is important for women to feel empowered and love how they look and how they are.  How they naturally are. But in our culture and society, being a hairy women is frowned upon. To people in an average group in our society, it is gross. We are gross.  This is such a common double standard that it is normal. It is normal to change your natural appearance in order to please others.

So I decided to stop shaving. I shouldn't be doing something to my own body just to please strangers and fit into society.  It isn't gross.  It is natural. Natural can not and should not be gross. It infuriates me that women are considered gross in their natural state while men are considered more manly. No. I am womanly and I have hair on my body. It is a part of how I am and I am beautiful.

Seriously. This is so hard for me. I struggle so much with it because I feel like in most groups,  I am probably the only woman with all my natural body hair. I am not going to shave until I find a reason why I should which is better than the reason why I shouldn't. 

I haven't shaved since mid-october. I still do my hair.  I still wear makeup on occasion and wash my face with special soap. I do my nails and even pluck my eyebrows, but why should I shave my legs or armpits or anything?  It is the middle of winter.
It is amazing how much negative stigma there is against not shaving when you are a women. It is sad. Even I am not convinced that I am can still feel beautiful to someone else (that wasn't a close friend or family member) if they saw how hairy my legs and armpits are. Even I am not convinced. 

But I will keep doing this not-shaving anyway. This is an important statement for me to make because women need to know how to love themselves. People in this world need to know how to love women even and especially in their natural state. I want to be an example of someone who can feel confident in themselves and love their body even without altering my appearance for society. Natural is beautiful.

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