Friday, November 25, 2016

When death do us part

Why is it so hard to let yourself cry
So many times in life do we cry
Tears were meant for our healing
A natural method of releasing stress,  tension,  grief.
And yet when rocks tumble down the hillside,  filling in the gulleys and plains
Death and life,  our world recycles,  reproduces,  renews.
And yet when friend and family surround me,  to support me,
Tears hide inside my inner cavern
Bats feast on my inner tension,  my secret.
I am strong. I say.  I am stronger than strong.
I climb on the mountains and I lift myself up above the ground.
You can not hurt me because I am strong.
I have faced death.  I have faced heartbreak.  I am invincible and though I am hurting,  I am strong.
No fear inside me is enough to bring tears.  When you throw rocks at my forehead and blood draws,  I do not waver.  I am a boulder. 
No earthquake can smash me down or crush me open.  No comfort can draw lava from my fissures,  I am a boulder.

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