Friday, November 25, 2016

When death do us part

Why is it so hard to let yourself cry
So many times in life do we cry
Tears were meant for our healing
A natural method of releasing stress,  tension,  grief.
And yet when rocks tumble down the hillside,  filling in the gulleys and plains
Death and life,  our world recycles,  reproduces,  renews.
And yet when friend and family surround me,  to support me,
Tears hide inside my inner cavern
Bats feast on my inner tension,  my secret.
I am strong. I say.  I am stronger than strong.
I climb on the mountains and I lift myself up above the ground.
You can not hurt me because I am strong.
I have faced death.  I have faced heartbreak.  I am invincible and though I am hurting,  I am strong.
No fear inside me is enough to bring tears.  When you throw rocks at my forehead and blood draws,  I do not waver.  I am a boulder. 
No earthquake can smash me down or crush me open.  No comfort can draw lava from my fissures,  I am a boulder.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The other side

I needed to read this because I have heard it all before and I wanted to figure out how to understand or approach this conflict of difference.  First of all,  I am somewhere in between.  I would probably identify as a liberal,  but that does not mean I am pro-abortion.  I am not.  I think that while perhaps there should be laws and limitations against abortion, something like Planned Parenthood should be supported and in place.  Women deserve the right to make decisions about their bodies and sex education needs to be severely increased as well as birth control availability.  You can preach abstinence all you want,  but that's not going to prevent pregnancy from happening in the first place.  These issues are not black and white.  There is so much more to them. Education in this country sucks.  It needs major work and birth control needs to be stepped up.  Often more advanced birth control methods for women is dangerous and that's really lame. This position in the article makes me feel the need to disassociate from this term that has been so far removed from it's true origins,  "Christian".  First of all,  I am a Christian.  I am not a "Christian"  that is spoken of in this article.  This is not my religion in any sense.  I don't believe that there is a need for me as a Christian to feel oppressed or that evil is triumphing or any such nonsense.  God is always with me like he is always with everyone, everywhere. And you don't have to do anything. You will always have the personal freedom as a human being to make your own decisions and practice your religion if and how you want to. Obama can't take that away from you and neither can Hillary or Trump.  This article speaks from a perspective that "us liberals"  are afraid for no reason,  but the truth is,  you "Christians"  have been afraid for no reason far longer. This is very upsetting and disappointing to me because it is clear that there are people on both sides experiences misunderstanding, and people blowing things out of proportion on both sides,  however,  it is so important that we take time to listen to both sides. It doesn't seem like these "Christians"  are making any room on their hearts to love their neighbor as theirselves.  They are too busy feeling  oppressed and threatened by imaginary things.  If your "Christianity" disappears,  it's probably because it wasn't very well founded in the first place to begin win. (ouch)