Friday, October 21, 2016

Men with Sisters or The Power of the Feminine Touch

I have dated 2 guys now;  Both of which have at least one brother and no sisters.  But since the last one broke up with me,  I have gotten close to two other young men,  both of which have at least one sister. 
There's a completely different vibe. 
These guys seem to be much gentler; about little things.  I also feel like they are much more appreciative of me as a woman than my ex-boyfriends were.  Okay,  so,  being fair,  there is an obvious bias here in that I was dating those guys and now I am not,  but these with sisters have only been good friends.  Still,  I find a significant difference enough worth mentioning.
This is something I actually really appreciate.  These two young men with sisters seem to be a lot more conscious of all that women go through emotionally, but also a lot more sensitive to their differences from men's. They feel more appreciative and respectful.  It's a nice change and it occurred to me that merely having a sister or not could have quite a bit to do with that change. 
I suppose one way of putting it is that these men are more in touch with their inner anima.

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