Thursday, August 25, 2016


I  finished listening to Hamilton all the way through...  Again. I didn't listen to it for a long time even when my favorite people which I always hung out with at college loved it. I heard about it and laughed.  A musical about history!  Hilarious. Then one day,  I thought.. Well, why don't I not listening to it at least once!? I don't even know what it's  like!  Who am I to judge. I love plays and music and musicals..  I would probably really like it.  It's  kinda silly that I haven't heard it yet.  So..  Reluctantly,  I sat down,  finally,  months and months later,  and started playing it from the beginning.  It was not bad..  Then it was really good..  I  was shocked. Well,  I have listened to it many times now,  each one thinking I am going to get sick of it if I listen again,  but I  totally could have cried this last time and other times. I just finished it again right now..  *sniffles*

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