Saturday, May 14, 2016

What I think of as a nice date

I figured this would be worth posting because I am at a stage of life where it is important for me to identify what kind of things I genuinely enjoy and learn more about myself as a person without all of the compromise that comes with a relationship. In the past I have struggled with losing myself in my relationships and I want more than anything to never have that happen to me again. So through my growth process of growing into myself.. here are my ideas about what I would enjoy as dates.

There are lots of different levels to dates. So, I figure I will list them from uber-casual, to casual, to nice to very nice. And these are all things that I personally think I would enjoy. Things are different for everyone, and I think if/when someday I do find a partner again, that this list might expand, but it is important that I say it should not diminish. Here goes:


  • Going to a new place (or a favorite place): coffee shop or park (for a picnic or a walk)
  • Going on a walk somewhere
  • Doing stuff together at home (gaming, cooking, board games, card games, good conversation)


  • Going to a casual event of some kind: improv, comedy, bar.... (when I am 21) 
  • Going out to a nice place for lunch or brunch/breakfast
  • Going on a hike
  • Visiting a state park
  • Going to visit art galleries
  • Going over to partner's house for dinner


  • Going out to a concert: a rock concert or a concert for a favorite artist/musician
  • Going out to a sit-down place for dinner
  • Going out to a nice event of some kind (varies depending on opportunities which arise) 
  • Go visit an art museum

Very Nice

  • Going out to the ballet
  • Going to see the orchestra
  • Going out to see an opera
  • Going out for fancy dinner
 Now, obviously this list is dependent very much on the stage of a relationship with someone; for example, I probably wouldn't expect nor necessarily want someone I just started dating to take me out to a ballet or an opera. But I think this is a nice summary of what I think of when I think of going out on dates with a partner.

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