Friday, May 27, 2016

Sitting thoughts of the forest

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I hiked up into the neighboring arboretum today to rest.
I was having a bad day and I needed to get away. It helped.
As I sat there, pondering peace and God and rest, a thought crossed my mind. And things made a lot of sense for a moment.

The energies of the forest and the birds and the insects are very different from that of other humans and even animals. Especially domestic animals. This was a hard thing for me to grasp in some ways for a while. I sometimes think about spirits and energies and where they all sit and how they all interact in this world we live in. So, in this moment, here is what I discovered... The trees and the nature all have a very similar energy. A very calming, living energy. Almost the same energy I would say. A kind of energy that is very connected to the Earth and all of its functions and the ways of life. It is a kind of energy that doesn't get bogged down or distracted or destroyed or even altered by anything else. It always exists in strong, simple ways. It doesn't have a personality. It is very united. And I am talking about trees and plants mostly. The scent is very refreshing and the atmosphere is very calming.

I may have mentioned this before; how I believe that all of these living things we have here on Earth are made out of the loving energy God has given to them. There is this idea that some people perhaps think of or misunderstand, and that is the idea that all life is "equal". In many ways, yes.. All life is equal in that all life deserves extreme love and respect and gentlness, but all life is not equal. It is clear in the way we think, and act and create and it is clear (to an empath like me) in how the energies (or vibes; I guess you could call them) feel and express themselves. There is a reason that trees are calming. It's not that they have their own individual personalities really, although we as humans certainly could attribute some to them (but that would come from us and our use of them in our expression and relation and art). No, trees in their purest form are very much mere images and art created directly from God. And this is ongoing. The life here on Earth, the evolution, the cycles and the connection; it is all an ongoing painting that God is creating right now. This painting expresses something deeply profound; love.

I believe we humans are very different in that all these other living things (paintings of expression) were created (are created) by God as gifts for us. Gifts that we should treasure. Things that we should hold dear, and precious and use as tools for growth (as many of us do). Note that this plays into the spiritual idea of gratitude.

So it became very clear to me at that moment, as I sat in the woods, this idea that all this nature is a gift from God. As an ongoing expression that he his always reaching out to us. This gift of nature is given to us as a tool. In that moment, it was given to me as a gift to find calm and reassurance; inner peace and regeneration in order to be at peace in my mind and take on the rest of my day.

Energies in other animals: domestic animals

I want to touch briefly on my understanding and experience with animals; particularly domestic animals and how they are different from the wildness of nature. To summarize, in my experience in my awareness of energies (readings) of people and animals and things, it has become clear to me that wild nature, like plants and trees are all very much united. Especially when you are surrounded by it in a forest (for example), it is easier to feel and pick up on. I think that wild animals also fall into this category. Their energies don't think or feel in relation to us because their lives consist mainly of instinct.  On the flip side, it is very very clear that humans are bursting with energy. We have energy of different colors and shapes which are much harder to understand and read because we are very emotional and thoughtful and impulsive and irrational creatures. As we know, this can be good or bad. Regardless, it is a fact of humanity that I think we are all familiar with.

What makes a lot of sense to me is an idea I have that people, humans, can and often do (maybe consciously and unconsciously) channel their energy into things. In fact, oh boy do they. I have experiences when I go to places like pawn shops or collecter shops where I get emotional energies bouncing off of things left and right. It can be very exhausting for me to go into a place like that, because subconsciously, I am always trying to understand the things I feel and it is hard for me to distinguish what I feel with what other people are feeling because of that energy that rubs off into things that are important to people. This is actually a really huge thing that I know to be true. People, unlike animals, often put meaning into things, objects. They use these objects or things to relate how they feel, to be creative or expressive and objects that have a close relation to a part of their life, particularly childhood---development levels of growth-- or in relation to deep emotional events, this energy rubs off and sometimes gets stuck. 
This is an interruption, but I tend to have very vivid emotional dreams and I remember having many dreams in my past about specific toys that I had growing up and attaching them to feelings or stories in my head.

So anyway, to relate back to the idea of domestic animals and energies, I really feel that something here is different. Yes, these animals aren't human. They are still animals, but something about them no-longer being wild gives them or strengthens their ability to develop feelings or personalities to an extent. And these different personalities of which I think are largely genetic, (and feelings) are what strengthen and create an ability for a person to bond with a particular animal stronger than another. It is a type of "chemistry", if you will. I think it is likely that these genetic personalities exist in the wild to some extent as well, but they lack that relationship with humans.

Now there is a bunch of psychology stuff about "sense of self" and animals lack-thereof that is coming into my head which I want to find and link onto this post, but as it is time for me to go to sleep, I am instead going to leave this here, and as a reader, you are welcome to comment and start a conversation on this topic.
I also might add something later. 



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