Monday, May 9, 2016


Maybe it's time I took a step back.
Took a breath. Stopped to listen.
What is the point, of all the fear?
Why does it matter, what other people think, how other people care?
The truth is, it doesn't. But maybe I am the only one who sees that.
There are so many worse things in the world than being honest with yourself.
And I am. I will be. Honest. It is who I am. How I survive.

Do not worry or despair.
Be grounded. You got this.
Whatever it is, no matter what the trial, you got this.
Hush now, my dear. It's time you rest your head.
Rest your mind. Rest your soul, it's time you go to bed.
The sun has gone to sleep. The earth is sleeping.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Let your soul be at peace.
Pray the Lord watch and keep you.
Rest rest rest.

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