Thursday, May 26, 2016

Life lesson: You are always okay until you give up

There are times when you realize, no matter how you try,  deep down,  you are not okay. Whatever it is,  it is not okay. It is painful. It is fear. It is grief,  loneliness,  sorrow.  You are not okay.

But life goes on...  Really, it does.  This is just the beginning of a much greater story. With every passing day,  all the trees keep growing and the flowers keep glowing. The people and their smiling and their talking carry on.  It can bring you anger,  jealousy,  or it can bring you inspiration.

No matter what the cause, nor to what extent,  your not being okay will pass. Your body mends itself,  and you should follow its lead.  Do not be afraid of letting go of your troubles and your hurt. The time will come that you see it is your destiny to renew and grow again.

Your mind and heart take so much time, much more time to heal than any broken bones or cuts or scars. It is the way of human life. And it hurts even more when it seems no one in the world can see the wounds that you feel each day on the inside. It will take time,  but you can help yourself heal. Be gentle with your mind and heart as you wish others were to you. Your doubt and fear can be like fuel to the fire, or you can trust and believe in yourself and your fate. The choice is yours.  But in the end, you will be okay.  In the now,  you are okay.  No matter how broken or hurt,  you are mending. You are okay. ❤

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