Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tanning salons and Racism: rant

Maybe our country's insecurity about difference in race and the color of your skin and how so many of us are still racist assholes has something to do with the fact that we can't even love the color of  our own skin enough to not have,  "Desert Sun tanning salon",  "unlimited tanning only  $18.88 a month".
Do you really know what it's like to be in a desert sun; American woman?  Really?
Are you doing this to feel good about yourself, to appeal to the unrealistic standards that Hollywood and certain media have imposed? Is this really a good use of your money?

This world can be so unbearably stupid. Tanning is a waste of money and I am sure that normalizing it is just the same as normalizing a mental illness. Get your shit together and be thankful for the skin color you have! Please! God made you beautiful the way you are and if you never learn to love yourself for how you are, I pity you because I imagine the struggle it must be to love someone else.

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