Monday, November 16, 2015

Violence in Video Games, TV shows and Movies

I'm Reading about this topic in Social Psychology and I decided I wanted to put my opinion into words.
Violent video games do not create violence because violent video games do not create aggression. In order for a person to be violent, they must express aggression. Video games can influence a person's actions, feelings or behavior, but only will do so in a violent situation when the person being influenced was already predisposed to violent or aggressive behavior. This is a case where correlation does not completely equal causation. This third element of aggression has to be a part of the equation.

I have never been and will probably never be a violent person. And yet, I enjoy violent video games. I enjoy these video games without enjoying violence because I was taught to have an serious and sensitive attitude about real violence. Violence in video games or on tv (like porn and sexualization) in media can desensitize a person, but I believe that people can also be brought up to have a resistance to desensitization by making decisions about what you choose to watch or play and knowing when things go too far. There are films and even some video games which sometimes it is necessary to stop and think: "This is really awful". By making the decision to comment in your mind, you are consciously disassociating yourself, or reality, from that character, or fictional universe. Sometimes, it might end with the person choosing to not play that game or watch that show anymore, and that is good. It is important to put yourself and your own boundaries first; regardless of what everyone else does. Everyone has different personal boundaries from everyone else. In the example of "Grand Theft Auto", being able to see the game as satire is important. This is especially important in cases of younger people who still need to be taught right from wrong. It is important to accept that certain games or films or shows, for sure, should only be played or watched by people who are not old or mature enough to understand that difference and make that disassociation.

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