Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Shifting Tides of Life

Please don’t be afraid to cry
Sigh, my darling, sigh
Into your arms I roll
Carry me away from home
Carry me through the hills and mountainsides
Carry me over streams and rocks

Please pray and cry and sing
Your heart needs warmth again

Forgive yourself, my dear
You’re bright as a star in the night
Let yourself be lifted light.
For fear does not but hold you
Let it wash over you like rain,
Cleaning the air for your lungs to breathe.

Please pray and cry and sing
You deserve the warmth of light
For your heart will burn bright
Under the starry, navy night

Please don’t be afraid to sigh
Your life has just begun
And all your wishes too
Are beginning to come true
Those dreams you dared to dream,
And the songs you dared to sing,
And secrets your heart always kept,
Have not been exploited yet

Trust yourself, my dear
Your soul shines bright and sweet
Your loyalty, complete
Don’t doubt because of fear
Let your might strike down your obstacles
For your gentle heart will remain,
And life a loving, trying game.

So pray, and cry and sing
And be what God meant for you to be
A star in the sky, to guide and to strive
with Hope, Faith, and Love combined

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