Thursday, October 8, 2015

My college dorm mini-fridge (and it's artistic ways)

Hello! One of the first things my parents bought me when I got to college was a box of poetic cat magnets. On one side I was like: "Uh, but, I don't.. need this..?" And another: "Okay! It's cool. I'll take it!"
At the end of the first week, as I am trying to remain calm and settling in and learning to trust in myself that I could be an independent adult, I decided to open up the box.
Now, maybe this will come as a surprise to you, but some of the first magnets I saw inspired a sudden but definite inspiration that told me I must make a smutty pornographic poem. No judgements. Cats are related to intimacy, and intimacy itself can then be related to sex. I hope you trust I'm not some animal werido.
... o_o But anyway!

After I created my lovely pornographic poem, which to be true, I am indeed proud of, I also thought to myself, "I miss my cats. It would be a crime for me to have a poem about a sensual encounter with your lover and yet forget about creating one dedicated to actual cats." And so I created that. :)
 I regret not being able to get a better picture of this one, and yet, I have just decided this is how it is going to be. I struggle all the time with getting clear photos on my phone. My hands just shake when I focus too hard! Anyway, I took a million and this is what you shall have.
Now, I don't know whether it was my inner-perfectionism kicking in, or whether I was just bored, or even that I have some kind of inner OCD that has to be fulfilled by something pointless, but after I created those poems, I had all these extra words and stuff that I felt needed a place. I didn't want to leave any one thing out. This is what I came up with...

This just about sums up life right now

Some stuff that just popped into my head. pt 1

Some stuff that just popped into my head. pt 2

And then there's this bullshit. Reminds me of how your brain works when you're not quite awake yet and not quite asleep, and you basically just say stuff that doesn't mean what you think it does. I remember a time where I thought for sure I was asking my mom what time it was (as she tells me to wake up) and a moment later once I have woken up more, I realized that I said something closer to... "What's half of 64?" Just gibberish.

 Anyways, Hope you enjoyed!

~Rosem <3

Oh PS:

Funny story.. I've had those poems up on my mini-fridge since the first week of college. My roommate doesn't seem to mind. She even said she liked it! Haha. But yeah, so I've just had this lovely, pornographic poem made out of cat magnets on my fridge... through my RA coming to my dorm and other people on our floor visiting.
Yeah, I'm not moving it. That's its new home. Officially
Suck it, Strangers! This is my room!

PPS: as of a mid-october, I tore it down. Time for new poetic inspiration.