Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This was a Triumph

I'm making a note here....
Huge success! It's hard to over-state my satisfaction.
I made it! Through the thicks and thins of high school, I made it. Now, I am at WWU (Go Vikings!) And I think things are going well.

At first, it was very overwhelming. Everything was new, all these events were planned. People were going to dances, painting bricks, going to go see the reptile man. Okay, that one was cool. I did go to that one. And in all actuality, I had planned to go paint a brick, but uhh... Too late I guess. Time got the best of me. I had been too busy being an introverted hermit, in a sense, but it was good for me. I made it through my first week at college without dying. Okay, so I did fall apart a few times. But my computer got malware right after I finally got it to connect to the internet. It was BAD. Really bad. There were things.. everywhere and.. Okay, you know what. I fixed it, so it's all good now. *whew* All the while, I updated to windows 10. Yay! I like it :) It feels more studious and usable. Less artsy and unusable (sorry windows 8.1)
So where was I, ah yes. I made it. At first it was really freaky because I was still getting used to it being a different kind of home. But there were people running here and there wanting to make friends and I just had to shut myself away for a while. But it's all good now. I have made more than a couple friends, by some miracle. Well, first off, my lovely roommate is on top. Reconnecting with old friends from high school that I missed so so much last year, and yesterday, I made 3 new friends. :) I don't know how close they will be to me, but they are nice, and they are nerds, so hopefully I am able to influence them in some way.
Speaking of reconnecting. Wow! I skyped with a guy I met 3 years ago, with whom I had lost contact. It's great to reconnect! I think one of the things I hate is losing connection with old friends. That just gets me. People are important to me. Everyone is their own person, and I love each of them for their own special reasons. One of the friends I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with is my friend Quintin. He makes me so happy! He took me on one of his infamously long hikes (it was long) and we fangirl/boyed together about flowers and trees. Booyah! He is just a lot of fun to be around, and he is so artistic. :)
So... things.. I brought 4 knitting projects, around 5 magic the gathering decks, and my beloved orchid. Bringing a plant was a definite must because it gives me another living being to take care of and keep me grounded. Things have been busy I guess. I went to the school's Acapella club meeting. That was a lot of fun, and I met a guy from the magic the gathering club at lunch yesterday who insists I attend the meeting on thursday evening. Otherwise, it's books and reading. Not too bad for a first quarter. Although, I suspect they intentionally made it easier because we're freshmen. My dear boyfriend has been having a hard time with classes already and he started yesterday. I hear one professor was picking on him, and the other expects him to know how to create a working phone ap by tomorrow. Yikes! I send him encouragement, best wishes, my love and a great big hug <3 Love you honey! <3

On some other kind of topic, I wanted to document that I want to put my words out there more often. So, I decided that I am going to post completed knitting projects, poems, or any other interesting things I might have to say more often. Now that I have put it into writing, I can't back down.

Talk to you later!


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