Sunday, January 11, 2015

In which I share a few of my knitting Projects

Bubble-Gum Pink Striped Scarf 
This scarf I knit for my boyfriend's mother. The pink reminded me of her, and the yard is so soft. This is one of my best creations I think. Rogue project (as I like to call it) meaning I did not follow a pattern. Basically, I made one up. This scarf is just entirely knit stitch.

Simple Scarf
This isn't a great picture, but I knit this scarf quite a while ago for my grandmother. I call it 'simple' because I used one ball of yarn which alternates its colors itself. Again, rogue, and simple knit stitch. 

Blue Rib Loop-scarf
I knit this scarf with single rib on a circular needle. Although it is a rogue project, it had a slightly more complicated concept. This one was just for me. 

Simple Phone Case
Don't copy this one. Seriously. You can glean inspiration, but don't copy. I used the same simple yarn as for the scarf for my grandmother, but here I used a smaller-sized needle. I was experimenting with how little needles feel and look. There were a lot of things wrong with this project. It's pretty much pulverized now, but I am also considering making another, better one.

Other things I have made include 2 pairs of legwarmers. Neither turned out great. One of them I think I should just unravel actually XD and maybe save the yarn for something else. It was a simple knit stitch with sloppy workmanship. Very old. Perhaps my first completed project. The second pair, I was optimistic about. I used double rib stitch at the ends, but I did not measure well because, again, rogue.

My current knitting goal is to do more with patterns. I recently finished another scarf which did in fact follow a pattern. 

I am currently working on a shall which follows a pattern, and a scarf which was supposed to follow a pattern but didn't go well because I didn't plan well with yarns and such. I also have a pattern and the yarn for it set aside for socks. Been too afraid to touch that double-pointed needle stuff as of now, but I am eagerly planning to work up to it.
Currently in the mood to keep a look-out for cheap yarn and buying it as well as buying yarn specifically correct for specific patterns. YAHh!

Well, that's my knitting story. 

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