Sunday, January 11, 2015

In which I share a few of my knitting Projects

Bubble-Gum Pink Striped Scarf 
This scarf I knit for my boyfriend's mother. The pink reminded me of her, and the yard is so soft. This is one of my best creations I think. Rogue project (as I like to call it) meaning I did not follow a pattern. Basically, I made one up. This scarf is just entirely knit stitch.

Simple Scarf
This isn't a great picture, but I knit this scarf quite a while ago for my grandmother. I call it 'simple' because I used one ball of yarn which alternates its colors itself. Again, rogue, and simple knit stitch. 

Blue Rib Loop-scarf
I knit this scarf with single rib on a circular needle. Although it is a rogue project, it had a slightly more complicated concept. This one was just for me. 

Simple Phone Case
Don't copy this one. Seriously. You can glean inspiration, but don't copy. I used the same simple yarn as for the scarf for my grandmother, but here I used a smaller-sized needle. I was experimenting with how little needles feel and look. There were a lot of things wrong with this project. It's pretty much pulverized now, but I am also considering making another, better one.

Other things I have made include 2 pairs of legwarmers. Neither turned out great. One of them I think I should just unravel actually XD and maybe save the yarn for something else. It was a simple knit stitch with sloppy workmanship. Very old. Perhaps my first completed project. The second pair, I was optimistic about. I used double rib stitch at the ends, but I did not measure well because, again, rogue.

My current knitting goal is to do more with patterns. I recently finished another scarf which did in fact follow a pattern. 

I am currently working on a shall which follows a pattern, and a scarf which was supposed to follow a pattern but didn't go well because I didn't plan well with yarns and such. I also have a pattern and the yarn for it set aside for socks. Been too afraid to touch that double-pointed needle stuff as of now, but I am eagerly planning to work up to it.
Currently in the mood to keep a look-out for cheap yarn and buying it as well as buying yarn specifically correct for specific patterns. YAHh!

Well, that's my knitting story. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Natural and Supernatural

I woke up today having had a brilliantly creative and vivid dream, and got into a conversation with my parents about science fiction. We recalled all the times in history where some smart person thought up some smart thing that ended up becoming reality. Ray Bradbury is one among many science fiction authors and artists who's fantasy became reality in many ways. The Jetsons and Star Trek are also examples of how things became more real than we may have thought possible. So why is it that this happens? Many will just conclude that life is full of coincidence. Although it is true not all science fiction or fantasy things are realistic or will ever be, some of them come pretty darn close. So close even, that it is scary. I think that this has to do with a fundamental piece of human nature, one that many of us overlook. Studies show that something from 60 to 90% of the time, our intuition is right. Perhaps its time we get out of our heads and start living in our hearts.

The Natural

We humans live in a busy world, and there is a lot of us in it. Sometimes we don't realize that we only need to step back and listen to ourselves, turn off the noise in our head, dismiss unwanted feelings or thoughts, and truly relax. Another thing about us humans is that we really want to organize. We organize our thoughts, our feelings, what we see, what we learn, and what we have. Organizing itself truly is a good thing. It is how our brains are wired, and it is entirely normal. There is an aspect of organizing, however, which causes a disconnect from our heads and our hearts (our true being) and that is the thought of categorizing black and white, right and wrong, yes and no, good and bad. As humans, it is oh yes so much easier to just put things into a little imaginary box with a specific label, and leave it there. But it isn't always right, and it isn't always good. People like to think  that only crazy people believe in the supernatural and that only sane people believe in science. If you are sane that you only believe in what you know and don't go fishing for fantasy to be real. These are all examples of select perspective and black/white organizing.
What is crazy about that is that we don't really even know what we know. Why do we know what we know? Because someone told us. Who told us? Other people. And other people tell us a lot of things. Do we believe the people who firmly believe there are aliens? So what makes us so eager to believe everything we hear in the news? How about the people who teach us in school? Think about it, those teachers, they aren't teaching what they know, they are teaching what they were taught to teach us. Sure, I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist. You can think that. But I also have a good point. We can not, as human beings, just listen to every little thing people tell us. The only way to truly be a healthy, helpful and honest person is to be critical of everything in life. Not negative, but thoughtful. It is never right to take everything for granted. People need to learn to teach themselves, investigate things from history until now because what may seem like the truth is likely only the most heard, and what may seem like the majority of what people are teaching may have actually just been a minority of 'crazy' people centuries and centuries ago. The people who are the biggest fanatics are the people who end up spreading more of the words, more of the ideas, and more of the thoughts. They also tend to be the people who aren't as stable, aren't as open-minded, nor as intelligent or necessarily right.

Take a moment to think about what kind of things comes of this kind of thinking.. segregation.. prejudice.. hatred.. the American civil rights movement.. the holocaust.

So let's be real, the saving grace of our society is fiction, books, television, stories; Because those are the things that inspire people to be open-minded about life and to not take things for granted. Religion can be among those things.

The Supernatural

This topic is always difficult for me to discuss, especially written down or put into words, but it also happens to be one of the most important subjects to me personally. Let me begin with this, I believe in miracles. I believe, even, that everyone has some kind of miracle happen in their life; from one degree to another. Many of us are so wrapped up in our heads that we fail to see them. Perhaps when we do see them we attribute them to luck, chance or skill. Many people are turned away from religion and can not feel comfortable in any way expressing a religious quality being in their life. This, although sad, is understandable to me. Many Christians and other religious people alike have come to a conclusion that their God only speaks to them. Even those religions who share the same God. This is not only close-minded, but selfish and silly. Yes, I am a Christian, I believe in the bible, but there are so many other important historical, and religions documents and people who were spoken to by God who were not christian. Hello. I'm sorry. I bursted your bubble didn't I. Well, let me just continue.

In my (the orthodox) religion we have a saint, Saint George who was told to have slayed a dragon which was being routinely fed young virgins by the pagans as a sacrifice. In our religion we believe this to be a true recollection of history. Another saint wrote about the Phoenix bird without the name "phoenix" but merely by describing how wonderful God's creatures are and that there was a bird who would live a long long time and fly south to the dessert to sacrifice itself in bursts of flames to nourish its eggs. Humans are humans. He certainly could have been misinformed, but in the context, it doesn't appear so. In Arizona at a elevation just slightly lower than Mt. Rainier in Washington, my father stumbled upon fossilized seashells in the rocks when he lived there. In Greek mythology as well as the bible there places which talked about a giant flood which covered the earth. In Southern Oregon at "The Vortex" there is an inexplicable disturbance in an area where there is an old cabin at which the way light reflects off of things is altered, making them seem taller or shorter than they actually are. I have been there, and it's not a hoax. There is no real way it could be. They told us that the local native Americans would always avoid that place and no animal has ever been seen within the borders of that area. I pondered whether it had to do with some kind of magnetism under the ground because of the large quantity of magnetized soil and past local gold deposits in the area. Certainly some things can be explained by science, and it is natural for us humans to search for a definable meaning, but that also doesn't mean that all things that have a reason have a scientific one. It is true that I am certainly not a completely reliable source, and that may turn people away from this article as it is, but I wanted to share my belief in the possibility of a multitude of supernatural things being or having been real. I believe in miracles, I believe in angels, and I believe in the possibility of seemingly supernatural animals and creatures having been real in the past. I am not a fanatic. I think it is important not to be a fanatic about things like this, but to be open-minded and skeptical at the same time.