Sunday, October 19, 2014

Video Games? Gamer? Games, Gaming.

            Have you ever gone venturing along a cliff-side overlooking a sea? Discovered a lost lighthouse? Or solved a mystery? We've seen other people do it; on TV. When you read a great book, it takes time, and focus. Sometimes the book we start is hard to finish. What if the book was full of pictures, and the words always reached out to touch us? We all love watching TV or movies; and me, I love gaming too. I have ventured along cliff-sides, slain bandits, and dragons, collected gold, and found jewels. I have even built castles, and rivers and trains. Have you defeat empires? I have. Ever had a dream that felt like real life? You feel connected to an alternate dimension, a place of your mind. Your mind makes up stories, places, people, things. Dreaming is like gaming, writing or reading. You let the plot take you to another place, and you move around and live a separate life. You can be a hero. You can be an artist, a mother, a doctor, a farmer, a warrior.

            Gaming gets your mind moving. You think of new strategies, you think of new plays. Like football or chess, you teach yourself from experience. You learn how to problem-solve. You learn how to make decisions. But at the same time, you escape. We all need to get away sometimes. Life wears on us. It drains us. Our friend discusses drama, our mom won't leave us alone. Our father doesn't know us like he once did. Sometimes, we need to fall into our minds, to play out the roles. Perhaps it makes life easier when we're done. Even violence, aggression, conflict, are purged. Often confidence is restored because you're you, and you just beat a boss; you killed a zombie; you defeated an adversary. Maybe you're free now. Or maybe you're organizing, you want control over something in your life, so capture a pokemon. Train it up. Build a farm, make money, become rich. Anyone can find happiness in video games. No matter what you like, you can find it in a video game, and perfect it. You can show it off to strangers or friends. You can make memories with friends, playing together. Memories that truly last a lifetime. It doesn't matter who you are. If you're someone who likes creating, or acting, or thinking; try it out! Maybe you're someone who thinks that you can't, or that you have to be a certain way to try it out. Don't think that; because you're wrong. Do it for yourself. Try something new and different. You can try out a game no one has heard about, and it can help you build life skills or focus your brain. It will get you connected with technology; something that is becoming more and more vital to our society every day. I grew up with computers and games, starting with Reader Rabbit and Sim City, Age of Empires, Halo, and now Skyrim, and Pokemon. I have found it easier to put things together in my mind, make connections, and even learn new tasks in the real world.

            I used to feel like I was weird, different; like I didn't fit in. The people I was 'supposed' to be friends with didn't like me. None of them shared the same kind of passions, interests or thoughts as I did. Then one day I went to a different corner of the cafeteria. I heard some guys talk about a video game that I also played. Something got into me, and I butted in. I introduced myself and said "Hi". That simple action was and still is one of the best decisions of my life. Making friends was easy when I wasn't afraid to show people what I enjoyed doing. In this way, being a gamer has changed my life. I feel connected to people who love what I love. We make memories, and play a variety of games together. All my friends are expressive, and all my friends are true friends. They are happy with who they are and they feel like they can be themselves around me, who took the initiative and said Hi first. It doesn't matter if you're a girl or not. "Dicks will be dicks." And don't let that stop you from being who you are, even if you aren't a 'gamer'. I don't see why more people don't play video games. Albeit, some people just don't find it interesting. But even without being a 'gamer', gaming can help you be unafraid to interact with other people. It can even help you build bridges, and make new friends. Gaming has not only given me true friends, but it has built an intellectual creativity in my mind. It gives me an outlet to create, a place to make memories, no matter how far away you are, or even how busy. It doesn't have to take all day, nor does it have to be routine. Gaming gives me a way to define myself. In a way, it is the glue of the ether in my universe. Binding all my thoughts and feelings, and moral opinions through creativity, imagination, and connection. 

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