Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life is a Video game

Life up to this point was just the Tutorial. We were shown how to do things, and where to find that option in a menu, what button was which. But now, once we graduate from high school, it's not game over, It's a re-play, or rather, a new-play. The time comes where we have to quit the tutorial and try everything ourselves, for ourselves, by ourselves. We finally click the "New Game" button. It's a scary sense of excitement, but then we're in the real world. We have nothing, --or close to nothing-- and we have to build up from the small items we have in order to have what we want or to reach our goal. We have to go on quests in order to get money in order to buy items. We have to work; farm, fight, study, learn... in order to get anything. And so the adventure begins. Life, is a video game, my friends. And once you graduate, you have just begun the true adventure.

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