Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm so sad

I'm so sad.
You're not who I want you to be,
you don't see the world, admire shapes,
look at the colors, and nature's brilliance.
What is life to you?
Gaming, obligations, sex.

No matter how I give myself to you,
you never seem to see,
what is important to me.
See how God made us! See the beauty!

You make me feel worthless.
No matter what you say.
"I love you. I don't like to see you cry."
But I can't work. I can't think.
Because things are so wrong between us.

What is important to me?
Love, respect, admiration of our God.
The orthodox church, orthodox traditions,
family, organization, peace, the lack of fear,
faith, hope, and communication.

~Rosem~ 4/26/14

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