Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Home is where the heart is,
Home is in myself,
Where God is with me,
Home is peaceful.
Home is where I'm happy,
Where things are under control,
Home is where my cats meow,
Where I drink tea, and think,
Home is where I rest,
I sleep and read and eat,
Home is where I study,
Where I talk and sort things out,
Home is where I play,
I game, and I teach, and I talk,
Home is where I create.
Where I paint, where I knit,
Home is where I pray,
Where I hope and believe and thank,
Because without faith live is meaningless to me.
Home is where I want to live,
With a husband, and some kids.
They must know and love God, the way that I do.
If not, be at peace, and show others love too.
My husband I want to see me.
To be thankful for all that I am.
Home is where I make love for the first time,
And where I make love for the last.
My husband is to whom I make love to with,
In him, I make love with God, to God, because of God.
Home is where I am at peace.
Where I know I met the right one.
Where I know I made at least one right choice.
The biggest choice.
One of love.


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