Saturday, May 25, 2013

Let me be there for you

The greatest gift of all
I had you in my arms
I felt you with my hands
I heard your breath
I felt your kiss
I cannot cause you pain
Yet the words slip from my lips like poison
The words they drop into your mind
Your mind so strong as steel
Your heart so sweet as strawberries
Unaware the pain I cause
I want to hold you in my heart
Can you forgive an imperfect beauty
In your eyes such a lovely sweet flower
Who struck you when ill
I cannot bear the thought
How could I be more cruel
Was this really me
I mean you no harm
So cruel to me is your pain
So stab in my soul and be done
I cannot bear the thought of you gone
Let you weep in my arms
Let me hold your head to my heart
When your tears fall down
Let me wipe them off
Will you forgive a hag
Forgive this horrid imperfection
My love is like a thousand flowers
I hope you see them bloom
Let us dance in them together
In a field under the moon
Because I love you, I truly do.


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