Thursday, March 28, 2013


Spring is in the air again
it seems the sorrow's here again
I don't know why
I dream to fly

yet the weight of gravity
possesses me
weighs down
not just my body
but my mind

School, work
day, night
schedules and dreary delight

the wheels of the days are turning
through my mind
like an ongoing Ferris wheel
of unhappy repetition

Although sometime seemingly light the load
it seems my mind cant help but weep in pain
as the wheels are turning
and the work load comes as it leaves

my heart is unhappy
what is wrong
Oh bliss!
Where have thou gone!
Crying out to me in misery!

Come back my love
come back my peace
come back to me
dearest innocence of youth

Don't wave your banner of joy
through the intangible window
My heart yearns for you
and you seize the peace
you steal it from my hands

as a lover lets go
soft hands
fingers running across
across and away

Letting go
I know you shall come again
I hear you near my heart
I feel you in my mind

when your hand leaves
the crevices of mine
I know inside
it will be alright

'tis but for a while
my yelping heart
goes back to natural beats


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