Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To Be a Hummingbird

If only I could be a hummingbird,
I'd join my friends to sing and dance,
to zip and chirp through the breeze.
I'd land on a branch or a twig to catch my breath,
yet swoop away at a moments glance,
chancing my friends around the branch,
bringing smiles to children's faces,
making young'ons laugh.
If only I could be a hummingbird,
I'd sing through the sun and rain,
admiring the snow as it falls,
and sing and spin through it again,
I'd be Rebounding off the leaf,
Race through holes the eye's can't see,
they can't catch me, I'll always be free.
~To Be a Hummingbird~Rosemary Sprig

I apologize. My on-hand(or mind) vocabulary isn't very high. :P Have a wonderful day!

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