Saturday, September 8, 2012

This is what I hate about some parents

This is what I hate about some parents:

Before I start I would like to say that this is quite stereotypical and this may completely not apply to your or anyone's parents. This is also quite general.

Some parent's forget they have kids. Okay, so they don't, but they are so busy and so wrapped up in their own life that they don't spend time with them. Spend time with your kids. Teach them. Play with them. If they feel loved and included at an early age, they will have a better and more successful life growing up. I say this because I know some parents that send their children out of the room. Some say, "Go play!" They want their 'adult time'. Kids feel that. I know. I'm a kid. I've been a child. All I wanted was to be included in the older-people ways. I was always attracted to older kids, and older people were more interesting to me, but most of the time, they continued to treat me like I was a stupid, naive kid. That hurt. God bless my parent's who never once did this to me. I love them dearly.

When parent's say things like, "You're only 10 years old. You can't fall in love." Screw you. Anyone can feel love at any time in their lives. It doesn't mean it's so sexual as you think. People can have crushes their whole lives and can fall in love as early as 10, maybe earlier. Age really doesn't matter. Maturity and age have close to nothing in common. So don't say that. Have empathy. Please.

When parent's don't have faith in their teenagers/young adults. You talk to your kids! You teach them not to lie! Teach them that they can talk to you whenever they want about whatever they want and you won't judge them. You have to play your part. You can't get mad at them for having opinions.
That's something that builds rebels. If they trusted you with something that means a lot to them, don't tell them they are wrong. Don't punish them. Have some respect!! Especially if you want respect in return. Respect is hard to give when it's not received. Even if you are 'their parent'. When kids grow older, they know you have faults. They know you aren't perfect and that you are normal. You can't try to convince them that you automatically require respect because you are 'above it'. Nobody likes that. Kids are humans too. Treat them as such. They're not your pets or slaves. A good relationship with your kid is so important. I know good people who have made stupid mistakes because they can't talk to their parents.

In dating. Yes, fathers, your daughter is growing up and you won't always be the only man in her life. If you want grand-kids someday, have respect for this. Let your daughter date. You can't expect her to meet her husband on the first few dates. Don't be ridiculous! Life is short. Don't deny that you wish you had more time to date in your life. Parents, be there for your daughters/sons. If they want to get advice or share about their relationship problems. Let them. But give them space and don't jump to conclusions because if you say something wrong, they won't ever want to talk to you about it again.
If they don't want to talk about it with you, don't force them. Let them have their secrets. They are their own person. You can't control their opinions, actions or thoughts so please don't try.

So, I guess I didn't connect this with my story, but if you read both, I can see where/how you can make your own connection. Anyway, thank you lots for reading my blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you and I hope you enjoy reading them.

-Rosemary Sprig

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