Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why I Believe in Angels

There are things in life that we come to realize we will never understand. Things that we will never know. All humans dwell on this level of understanding that even the strongest of us cannot comprehend the things that were not made for humans to comprehend.
Belief comes without knowing. It does not exist with proof. It exists with faith which is something that can easily be forgotten, but when I take a moment, I truly know that I have faith in my religion. In God, and in Angels.

It is interesting that many people in this world believe in demons, devils and evil spirits. Even people without any religion. In a way this isn't understandable to me because why would someone want to disregard faith in things that are beautiful and pure and instead indulge in the thought of evil. However, as humans we are, mishap entertain us. So, let me speak less fluidly...

I know, as the animal lover I am, that when I study my pets behaviors or hear stories from friends I notice something. Many have to look closely, and most don't spend their time in this way, but cats frequently gaze off at things that remain unseen by human eyes. Dogs sometimes growl or bark when evil spirits or vibes are near. This is biased, but I believe that cats are smarter than dogs and seem to stay more in touch with their surroundings. This is why dogs show more fear when unaware and cats run away to study their surroundings. Sometimes I see my cat pause in the middle of grooming herself to look at the air beside me. People have cats that hunt things on the walls for play that they themselves cannot see.

I Believe in Angels. When I see my cat stop and look at the air with a longing love, I know she's probably seeing my guardian angel. Animals, unlike people do not analyze in a creative aspect. That is the difference. And because of this, animals do not fear things like Angels or other things unseen because they are used to it, because they can sense the vibe and peace and they know that it is safe. But humans are unpredictable and faulty (as well as creative and beautiful) and if they were to see Angels or demons or those other things unseen all the time, you could imagine how wacky things could get. When God sent down his son and self in human form, the most pure, loving Jesus, what did people do, we crucified him!! People as a whole cannot understand things so pure, because they are driven by passions (why we--orthodox Christians-- fast).

I also believe that every one of us has a guardian angel. Even those of us who chose not to believe it. Even those of us who are weak to our passions and make evil decisions. Because God is loving, he cares and that is why he doesn't force himself upon us because he knows that faith cannot be forced. It can only be chosen. People who don't understand think that there is no God because evil befalls the world. No, evil befalls the world because people let it.

Demons, are not monsters. They are not like evil ghosts and zombies from fairytale. Demons are merely fallen Angels. As humans have fallen people like Hitler or the man who killed people in the theater in Colorado. Demons are not ours to deal with, but you should not be afraid because if you truly believe, and ask of God, he won't let harm from demons befall you. However, humans are our kin, and I believe that when they fall, no matter how far, we should pray for them to bring them back on their feet. We cannot do this ourselves. Only God can. That's why pray.

Note: These are my beliefs and as I said, "faith cannot be forced. It can only be chosen." So, I do not expect you to believe anything I wrote or to change your own beliefs. I am merely sharing what I believe.

Thank you for reading,

-Rosemary Sprig