Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is being LGBT a sin?

Hello, I know this is a bitter and highly opinionated topic, but it has been bothering me a bit lately and I wish to share my thoughts on it.

So, although I am a Christian I still wonder why it is that most Christians don't accept gays? Even Christians who are very accepting people, generally just don't accept gays. Many or most consider being gay a sin. I would like to find evidence and information in the bible about why Christians believe that. The way I see it is that God is very loving, accepting and patient. He wants people to be with those they love. He does. And animals commonly show signs of non-straight behavior towards each other including sex with the same gender. Is it more than a natural instinct to reproduce? So, why should it be labeled 'bad'? Why should it be discriminated against when the same gender loves each other? Because they don't have the right body parts? That's on the outside. They weren't 'made' for each other, they weren't intended by God to be together? You can't force love. Real Love is from the soul. That has nothing to do with body parts. Then... if it's a sin, should someone be forced to 'overcome' it and marry the opposite gender when they truly love the same gender? When their heart tells them that? Is it a sin to follow your heart then? Can your heart lie to you? Or are you just saying that people can't find real love in the same gender? How do you know? You don't. You can't. If you are straight and have never found real love in the same gender, that doesn't mean that someone else can't. That's like saying Deserts don't exist because I live in a warm tree and mountainous climate and have never been to a desert myself or seen it with my own eyes.

On the other hand, God made male and female animals with male and female parts so they could mate and reproduce. But people were also made with a special kind of soul. They are more than just animals. But all animals and people are flawed. God's intention was to have man be for woman and woman for man, so is it a flaw for man to be for man and woman for woman?? Remember, people evolve. Things change and everything evolves. Even God changes his mind about things. The bible has many examples of this like Noah and the Arc or Comparing rules like the Sabbath from the Old Testament to the New and even a long time ago nobody talked about gays. There is hardly anything in the bible that mentions gay people. It's not relevant. So, why do people care so much? Why is it labeled 'good' or 'bad', a sin or not? People need to get over differences. People need to stop caring so much about everything. It's not essential to life to label everything and you humans will never satisfy your curiosity or comprehend everything you wish to. You are not meant to know everything and that is good. Shut up and be content! (in a way I am talking to myself as well)

So why am I still worried? Why does this bother me? God loves people. He has the patience and strength to love all people regardless of their sins and mistakes. He accepts them. That makes him so much greater than any human could be. Why do I care so much if it's good or bad to ship gays or enjoy their romances?? Probably because of society. Being around people who care too much makes you think, worry, and care too much. So, take a breather and stop thinking.

On a slightly different note, this doesn't really relate to gay rights. I do support gay rights because whether you accept it or not, there are gay people in this world and there always will be. Removing their rights to freedom of having the same rights as everyone else does not prevent them from being gay. They will still have their romance, boyfriends and girlfriends and they will still do what they do because frankly, they don't give a f*** what anyone else thinks. Depriving them of their natural rights as citizens is wrong.
I am a Christian and I strongly support the acceptance of differences and the freedom of expression. Don't try to change others. You CAN'T. It is not possible to force your opinions on others. Give up on the wars and the riots and the hating. It is a damn waste of your time and makes me sad. The end.

-Rosemary Sprig

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