Monday, April 23, 2012

I post online (to Facebook) too often

I pretend that I know what I'm doing in my life, in this world. I post about random things that I learn or experience. Or often just random things that I say or think. Haha! I post about things that I think amuse me. Frequently these things, are about, me; because I'm a selfish self-centered human being, like everyone. Moving on... The reality is, I post to places like Facebook so that I can express my thoughts, feelings and emotions without... well... talking to myself (although I am guilty of this practice as well). Sometimes I wonder if I'm just pissing everyone off by Spamming their freaking wall! Well, ya know what! ....  *looses assertive/aggressive streak.... I use Facebook as a blog. A lazy blog. Kinda like any normal person would use Twitter. Only, I use Facebook. Does that make sense? Not really Why? Well now you got me wondering why I use Facebook and not Twitter Oh. Well, That was unintentional. I apologize. Apologize? To yourself? Seriously? *Starts laughing out loud. Well, honestly, you deserve an apology because I put you down a lot and happen to consistently unintentionally make you over-think everything (As I just did). This is the part where the verbally-speaking part of me says I'm a freak. To be honest, I don't care. I love being a freak. That's who I am. Except, I don't like the term: freak. It makes me sound like a horrible unlikable person. Which I admit, I'm not. Because I have obviously already gotten my point across and now I am just rambling... goodbye!

Rosem <3

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