Monday, April 23, 2012

I post online (to Facebook) too often

I pretend that I know what I'm doing in my life, in this world. I post about random things that I learn or experience. Or often just random things that I say or think. Haha! I post about things that I think amuse me. Frequently these things, are about, me; because I'm a selfish self-centered human being, like everyone. Moving on... The reality is, I post to places like Facebook so that I can express my thoughts, feelings and emotions without... well... talking to myself (although I am guilty of this practice as well). Sometimes I wonder if I'm just pissing everyone off by Spamming their freaking wall! Well, ya know what! ....  *looses assertive/aggressive streak.... I use Facebook as a blog. A lazy blog. Kinda like any normal person would use Twitter. Only, I use Facebook. Does that make sense? Not really Why? Well now you got me wondering why I use Facebook and not Twitter Oh. Well, That was unintentional. I apologize. Apologize? To yourself? Seriously? *Starts laughing out loud. Well, honestly, you deserve an apology because I put you down a lot and happen to consistently unintentionally make you over-think everything (As I just did). This is the part where the verbally-speaking part of me says I'm a freak. To be honest, I don't care. I love being a freak. That's who I am. Except, I don't like the term: freak. It makes me sound like a horrible unlikable person. Which I admit, I'm not. Because I have obviously already gotten my point across and now I am just rambling... goodbye!

Rosem <3

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


say you give me one wish,
what will it be?
to see green in our Earth,
fall asleep with our stars?

gaze into night,
float up in dream
pray sleepless light,
blind tears and keep,

say you give me one wish,
what will you chose?
to forever lie on beaches,
listen to ocean's song?

let oceans cry,
hear oceans pray,
pray oceans peace,
lay still and wish,

say you give me one chance,
what songs will you sing?
will you light the horizon,
and watch it burn with violet flame?

inhale through teeth,
drops of life flow free,
black night paints ink,
these are nay a dream,

what is it I wish?
I know and shan't speak,