Friday, February 24, 2012

River and Fear

I try so hard,
but to no avail,
gazing at the sky,
I wish I could sail,

the wind would guide me safely,
relaxed, I'd calmly glide,
and the clouds would be my shelter,
my feelings need not hide,

If only dreams came true,
I'd live my life in sunlight,
with peace and love anew,
loving with strength and might,

If only rain calmed weary minds,
not shatter as fragments of glass,
infinite tears fall as rain,
the sorrow need come to pass,

And so I stay here waiting,
the silence is my curse,
patience is a virtue,
it could only just get worse.


Rhythm of An Artist

melting petals,
shouting cries,
all I need are your smiling eyes,

folded hands,
tightly gripping,
can't help, it's what I keep on wishing,

no need to boast,
just keeping close,
my clouding sight,
dream, now gone, once sparkled bright,

through I keep on singing,
the buzz keeps ringing,
shall the din ever subside?