Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Truth of Fear

I'm on a tight schedule, so I will make this brief. My whole life I went along without having a true, intense fear. When I was younger, spiders made me yell, bees made me cry, heights made me stiff, but never had I truly found my fear. As I journey into my teenage years, I have discovered much about myself and since, uncovered my true fear. The one thing I am truly afraid of is people. Oh sure, I love people. They can be funny, friendly, kind, loving, but I also love bats, snakes, spiders, frogs, heights, roller coasters, trains, planes, bees...... The list goes on. What I am truly and sincerely afraid of is people. They have the power to do whatever they please and their hearts and minds are not always for the good. I am afraid of them hurting, killing, abusing power and what evil they can accomplish if they put their mind to it. I am also, however, afraid of the lack of people. I fear being alone or sometimes individual at some point. However, I realize that these fears are irrational and hypocritical, but are they still legitimate? They must be some sort of rationality to them or they wouldn't be there. What is your opinion of fear? Feel free to share your own fear or analogy of fear from your point of view.


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