Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Through a lense

Through a lense

ocean blue waters,
saturate my view,
mind full of flowers,
petals falling swiftly,
treetops standing tall,
assertively guarding us,
caves of pure black darkness,
waves of sky blue clouds,
all but flames waver inside,
yet the burning does not cease,
all is alive yet none is awake,
deadened by silence,
yet sleepy by noise,
peace flying away,
on the tip of bird's wing,
maybe the ocean is calm,
the sound waving of whales,
the lightly moving, gently swimming,
yet the beaches are rushed,
no one feels the wind,
even a seagull's cry is left unnoticed,
although a couple sits still, aware,
through sunset's rays,
they hold hands, and kiss,
golden long hair blowing violently in the wind,
a soft humming song remembers the rain,
could this beauty be genuine,
a call of a crow,
so black and cold,
yet so elegant in flight,
so don't shut your eyes,
keep them open, wide.


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