Sunday, December 25, 2011

Missing, written 11/25/11

Deep sea blue,
Like waves crushing rock,
Water as tears fill oceans,
Gazing into the pits of my heart,
I stare back, plain and pretty,
The scars are hidden,
Blood stains and purple bruises,
All deeply concealed inside,
Agony and misery,
Cause: unknown,
Selfish, unthankful, ungrateful,
Conclusions leap with uncertainty,
When the shell takes over,
Mind sick of ignorance,
Unhappy, vibes are shared,
Those who love,
Those who care,
Express their feelings too,
Tears swell from cracks so red,
A piece of my heart is lost,
From beginning to now it aches,
Never shall I find the key,
The missing puzzle piece,
Shall he forever be ignorant,
Precious secret; I love him,
Hiding it still, I go on.

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