Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lonely, but Loving Holiday

Forgive me if it's not a very good poem because this is a first copy straight from my journal to my phone and blog...
Lonely, but Loving, Holiday

I was getting tough,
Stretching my independence,
But when I remember you,
My face can't help but smile,
Frosty holidays bring family together,
Shiny decorations gleam,
Merry songs encourage cheer,
So I put on a show,
Singing, I'll smile,
But my beating heart bleeds still,
I remember your spirit,
Rarely can I see.
Love calls me to tears,
Logic holds them deep inside,
Christmas isn't the family, gifts and food,
None of this excites me, it is but false,
Life drains from my mind,
The snowless skys follow me,
They mourn my pain and loneliness,
Only do I regain strength,
Remembering your energy,
Hearing her loving laugh,
Your funny personality.
Without you beloved friends,
I'd drown in my tears of greed,
Your spirits shine through me,
Touching my soul,
You make it snow.

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