Monday, November 7, 2011



I dedicate here,
again, once more,
the howl of the wind,
reminds me I'm free.

I close my eyes,
my mind goes back,
to a time I flew through the woods,
full of true understanding,
all I needed, I had.

The deep blue sky,
looks down on me in love,
and my soul sings,
through the trees.

This was my dream,
this, how I feel,
when in love.

Another chance failed,
another boy gone.
Yet my heart doesn't bleed,
my mind still stands strong.

With Annie by my side,
her soft dark coat,
sunlight warming her,
I am invincible.

Praise the Lord,
for he is great and good,
he's sent me a shield,
a companion, a hope.

To rely on a true love,
forever we shall be.

Yet remember, I shall,
it was God who's given,
her warm soothing coat.

It is God who's bestowed,
her great eyes of compassion.

'Tis God's angel,
he's allowed to inhabit her presence.

'Tis God's love,
that holds me together like glue,
who's love shields my strength.

For any tears now,
shall be of thanks and joy.

For my faith has given me love,
and so the howl of the wind,
reminds me I'm free.

And when she goes,
my sweet, loyal dog.

God will send me another angel,
to guide me through my life,
if I just keep faith,
if I simply stay strong,
I am invincible.


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