Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boy Scout/Venture Crew Christmas Party

My church's Boyscout troop and the troop's venture crew (boys and girls)
are having a Christmas party. I am in the venture crew and yes, have many boyscout friends despite the lack of maturity and brains many boyscouts have *cough.... Anyway, I have to prepare something to present, so I wrote this poem. If you're a friend and know people in the Crew or troop and/or are going to the Christmas party, please don't tell anyone about this. Thanks. :) Please comment if you like it.
Frozen, But Not Cold

My heart is frozen,
lost in my mind,
yet I feel it's motion,
it beats without time,

My frozen cheeks turn cold,
crystals form on my hair,
gleaming in the moonlight,
the ice cools the breezy air,

I see the snow gliding,
under the dim light-posts near,
so flawlessly dancing,
not but joyful a tear,

Looking all around,
I ponder the wonder,
the trees gracefully sing,
through the thick, heavy air,

Wishing I could fly,
but content at my view,
I look up at the sky,
filled with gleaming, white hue,

A breeze catching my teeth,
a chill creeps up my spine,
with the warm winter night,
I could never say good-bye,


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