Thursday, October 6, 2011


This poem Doubt is a bit old.. I've done terrible at keeping up my blog lately... sorry! :(
I wrote it while having the idea of making it into a song someday... So, it has a slightly different style than my normal poems. If I did write it into a song, it may be in a slightly different order too. Anyway, here it is:


Loneliness, I was sure it was gone.
drop by drop it flows to me yet.
I'm driven only by hope now

Hopelessly, however distant or close,
I will always love you,
and it drains the life out of me,

Hopelessly, no matter what I do,
I'll always care for you,

but hopelessly,
I'll always care for you,
and just remember your potential,
and just knowing you're around,

to never be there for me,
never ever care for me,
it makes me wanna crack.

And despite the ache,
and all the loving friends,
my secret's stay inside enduringly,
my face never showing any fear,

with my head held high,
my mind stone strong,
my soul weeps continuously,
without acknowledgement,
I loose faith,

steadily I give up,
lack of patience,
lack of optimism,

feeds the failure,
every time I fall,
now pick me up.


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