Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Doctor

A poem in the point of view of The Doctor...
The Doctor

The last one of the species,
I'm lost in time and space,
No one like me anymore,
I'm alone from this day on,

I escape the evil,
renew the hope,
just another day,
with my blue box,

I meet fascinating people,
everywhere I go,
yet my joy in life, will never,
be true, without my rose blossom,

She was the sun in my sky,
the light in the void,
I was truly free,
when I saw her smile,

I saved her life,
oh so many times,
but never enough,
yet knowing she's alive,
is what keeps my soul from bursting,

How I loved her so,
never could I see,
until it was too late,
I burned up a star,
Now she's away,

How does one live on,
flying over empires,
always only me,
and my blue box.

If ever could I fall in love,
or even settle down,
would life still be worthwhile,
knowing she's not around?

I was born to travel,
anywhere, at any time.
Yet my friend dwells only,
where I cannot ever go,

My only true companion now,
will keep my hearts from breaking,
with smooth, blue skin,
she keeps me flying,
onward to Serenity.


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