Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Vacation with two extra sisters

Having to share for me is something I've never done lightly. If I have an item that is worth a lot to me, or enough for it to be a favorite--whatever it is, I always hesitate, thinking, "Are they going to give it back if I loan it to them." when someone asks for it. But having 2 sisters from Ukraine is really hard. If you say no when they ask to use something, they'll assume that I don't trust them, that it's forbidden to go near that thing, or that I am just selfish and hate sharing. So, anyway, I had to spend a whole week camping this summer in a trailer that is made for 3 people. There were 5 of us. You couldn't walk in there comfortably without tripping, or being claustrophobic. Me? I was both. But I am such an organized person that every time I encountered anything wrong enough for me to flip. I flipped. When I flip. I don't just complain, I yell and get really grouchy, and miserable. Oh lord was that trip harsh. Most everyone was mad at me by the end, and I was so relieved when we got to my grandparents house in Medford Oregon because I would no longer have to share space with those messy girls who stay up all night talking in Ukrainian. They know Russian. I know Russian, but they always speak Ukrainian together, and that is completely different. They are so frustrating. Always trying to get away with things I can't. Grrr! I do love them though anyway.

It's hard being an only child that suddenly has to accept living with two other sisters.
But it's a good kind of hard.


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