Wednesday, August 31, 2011

R.I.P. Mocha Jamocha Miller

R.I.P. Mocha Jamocha Miller

the time has come again,
to say an eternal good-bye,
the most unknown beloved,
a faithful, loving mutt,

her head laid soft, and quiet,
her golden ears still shined,
with golden brown sugar,
her stare emitted love,

no, I shall never forget her loyalty,
she never bit a soul,
she continued to learn, and listen,
everyday until her last breath,

I learned that nothing lasts forever,
no one forever lives,
but love will burn forever,
it's heat can never be extinguished.

And truly we loved that dog,
forever we will love her,
forever she loves us,
eternal is our binding love,
love is never a good-bye.

~August 28th, 2011~

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