Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Band-Aid, a poem of love, peace, and hope

The Band-Aid

He looked into my eyes,
not a word was spoken,
his arms snug around,
we were surrounded by trees,
only a bird's song broke the silence,
if romance was so, this was so,
a pure moment of peace, love,
to coat the sadness and hurt,
now I want more,
to taste the peace again,
I want the pain to heal,
hoping the peace will mend it,
pleading it will, forever.

Hope, Faith, Love

the scent of roses
when flora is absent.
the absence of war
when anger saturates.
the vibe of wishes
too strong for words.
the proof that the blind see,
that the deaf hear.
the vibe of laughing devotion.


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