Sunday, July 24, 2011


Never-Forgotten Serenity

The trees and sky,
they speak to me,
their whispers soft and true,
the campground was filled with love,
more than felt in a decade,
the deep blue sky made my heart weep,
even before I met you.

My inner-loneliness,
had been locked away,
love filled the air,
like a sweet perfume,
with vibes saturated with God,
I knew I was never alone.

With the gleam of the stars,
and the patterns of the leaves,
I could glance through the crowds,
and there you would be.

When our eyes first met,
I melted inside,
your angelic face,
heated my heart,
and it burned.

Now, I will never forget,
the last of the nights,
when I marched through the crowd,
my soul, brave and strong,
so you held me,
we danced.

And now that it's gone,
the gleam of the stars,
the forever forgotten loneliness,
the vibes of pure love,
I sit here once more,
Lonely, and in love.

The tears from my blue eyes,
fell light on my pillow,
the vibe of true freedom,
was taken,
now gone,
yet again.


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  1. there should be rhymes. everyone likes rhymes.