Friday, July 1, 2011

Perfection in everything

I was going for a walk this morning. I realized that the word 'perfect' is overestimated. It does have a true meaning, but people expect that meaning to be 'perfect' as in nothing faulty or wrong, and literally everything to be just right. This is however, illogical because everybody's idea of what is faulty, wrong, or right is completely different, always. Therefore, what many people concluded is that the word 'perfect' has no real meaning, and is a mistaken word in the English language. What I concluded, is that the word 'perfect' has a different meaning altogether. I believe that it's meaning is: anything good. Any tiny, little, piece of anything, that is perfectly good. 'Perfectly' in this case meaning substantially. I also noticed that every single thing in this world has both pros, and cons, both good, and bad. Absolutely anything you could possibly think of has both good and bad. So nothing is 'perfect' like the first definition at the top, but everything has perfect.

Just a thought to leave you on.



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