Sunday, July 24, 2011


This poem, I wrote a while ago. It is called Care. I wrote it on 7/7/11


Through the tears,
I am strong,
through the pain,
I carry on,
the rejection, puncturing my chest,
like a bullet hole,
deep, dark, and red,
I could never not care,
and always I shall.
Yet my lie infects him,
his ignorant arrogance proves it so,
for fact I sit around plotting,
and laugh with his every wrong,
but the fact that I go on caring,
is to no regards at all.
and it plagues me hearing his words,
the real lies, so bitter, strong,
I care enough to love,
my love was tossed away,
Though ungrateful, hate-loving, angry, I forgive,
God sent me the willpower, either good or bad?
So, I truly sit on waiting, for a forever-lost care.


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