Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Real Hell on Earth

Yeah, I'm literally in Allergy Hell right now. If someone were to take a picture of me, I would end up looking like Rudolph. And, that's not a pretty picture. I feel miserable too. My burning nose is itching like hell, and I've woken up to my eyes watering drips of liquid for the past 3 days. Despite the fact that I've also sneezed 6 times at least today already, I 'decided' that i wouldn't take any allergy pills. But at 5:25, I was screaming. I raced to the kitchen, opened the cupboard, and took out 2 Benadryls. I'll probably fall asleep at 9 tonight, but watev. Better than screaming all night long. Yup, well, that's my story. I also spent about 2 hours organizing passwords, and emails, and other random computer stuff to be able to do one certain thing. Other than that, that's my life. Imma Kinda typical geek here. Blast music, fix and set up online accounts, play computer games, and try to live without allergy medicine all at the same time, all day long. Welp, glad that's over with... well at least the fixing online account, and living without allergy medicine part... hehe


^^^my new computerized signature cause they haven't invented easy-access real computerized signature abilities. I'm waiting for them to have computer screens that you sign a doc. with a special pen to sign the blog post. ;)

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