Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love Life-6-7-11

Love Life

To be in love,
my heart is aching,
I was in love,
and now it's breaking.

Maybe I'm just needy,
I don't have a doubt.
I know that I'm not greedy,
clingy, is a different word.

Life isn't a fairytale,
love isn't a romance,
boys don't follow your trail,
some don't even dance.

When I was in love,
my reality was cloaked,
I wasted my time,
on an impossible hope.

And then, when I found its,
impervious wound,
He just ran away,
locked himself in a room.

No one seems to have cognizance,
he was just so 'mature'.
he understood 'everything',
but I'd known the truth.

Now he goes around lying,
says he never cared,
my care has been eternal,
my apprehension of the emotion,

Using a lie,
to encase an essential lesson,
for an abiding emotion,
is far from mature.

resulting, my independence,
strives forward, fast pace.
For a broken heart,
is mendable,
but a broken soul,
is forever.


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