Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ignorance--April, 2011


The sound of the ocean,
the crush of the waves,
all brings me deep sorrow,
'tis forgotten bliss.

When the wind blows my hair,
my sandy feet sink,
I look along the coast,
all left is frigidity,

looking out to sea,
I think of you,
the hands I can't hold,
the hope I can't share.

When I'm sad,
you sigh,

When you're sad,
I die.

And now,
the ocean calls to me,
the wind, piercing my skin,
the sun, setting along me,
no matter, I can't win.

When I give the sky my heart,
It will rain on me,
the clouds will darken,
the air will turn cold,

and rain will fall,
in tears, of bold.

I see his blunder as beauty,
I see his smile as bliss,
I see his love as wonder,

yet forever, my sight, must cease,
and forever, my sight, shines clear.

Forgive me for having an incomplete date. When I wrote this, I forgot to write, and date, so I had to guess, and all I knew for sure was that it was in April, of 2011. Thanks for your patience. And next time, I'll be more careful. ~Xen

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