Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ignorance--April, 2011


The sound of the ocean,
the crush of the waves,
all brings me deep sorrow,
'tis forgotten bliss.

When the wind blows my hair,
my sandy feet sink,
I look along the coast,
all left is frigidity,

looking out to sea,
I think of you,
the hands I can't hold,
the hope I can't share.

When I'm sad,
you sigh,

When you're sad,
I die.

And now,
the ocean calls to me,
the wind, piercing my skin,
the sun, setting along me,
no matter, I can't win.

When I give the sky my heart,
It will rain on me,
the clouds will darken,
the air will turn cold,

and rain will fall,
in tears, of bold.

I see his blunder as beauty,
I see his smile as bliss,
I see his love as wonder,

yet forever, my sight, must cease,
and forever, my sight, shines clear.

Forgive me for having an incomplete date. When I wrote this, I forgot to write, and date, so I had to guess, and all I knew for sure was that it was in April, of 2011. Thanks for your patience. And next time, I'll be more careful. ~Xen

Invisible Beauty--April, 2011

Invisible Beauty

Life was a beauty,
life was a song,
I made life, what I wanted.

I saw the world through a child's eyes.
How I wanted, not how it is.

And when hell hits me in the face,
I see the world as it is,
seemingly unfixable,
opposing perfection.

I miss the beauty,
I miss that love.
it's invisible.


Not For Me--Written in April, 2011

Not For Me

One time,
if I had grief,
I'd think of you,

whenever I was down,
I'd think of you,
there, with me.

Now I see the scene,
the moment is gone,
through my eyes,
it is broken.

She walks past your house,
glancing towards it,
as she slows.

Softly she walks,
her heart beating steady.

Then he sees her go by,
and jumps at the door.

She leaps, yet with feet,
still on the ground.

Not a second later,
she's right in his arms.

His breath, slowly felt,
on the back of her neck.
She closes her eyes,
let not time fly.

The scene carries on,
with my heart left unbeating,
but not bleeding.

Now, when I see it,
the boy stays inside,
the sun goes away,
and rain takes it's stride.

Harder, and louder,
rain leaves her alone.

I am that girl,
alone, in the rain,
for life's too important,
for me to be seen.

The shadow crawls around me,
yet I dare not ever cry,
for my heart can withhold this,
my life, is not guy.


Still--written in March, 2011


My window is open,
the air is cool.

The sun it's shining.
The clouds envelop it.

My heart still beating,
is fast and steady.

My heart, still bleeding,
is sore and stabbed.

My soul still loving,
is tied tight with pain.

Yet the pain is pleasant,
while my heart still beats,

and the tears dry quickly,
with every steady breath.


Old Poem

Our Love

Through the endless lies,
my spirit is lost.

With every heart gained,
another is tossed.

My path, is vague.
The road, is steep.

With my soul-destroying words,
I hesitate to speak.

My love for you,
it's deep and true,
but planting this flower,
kills a tree.

The flower will bloom,
with color and scent.
Yet the petals will whilt,
and it's life, will end.

The tree was planted,
many years ago.
Yet only this year,
it started to grow.

In winter, it's strong enough,
to hold up the snow.
In summer, it blossoms,
with wonder and glow.

The tree will last long,
after the flower is gone.

And a flower,
is not worth a tree.